Xbox One’s Biggest Update, XBox One Experience Now Live

New Xbox One Experience User Interface 

TL:dr: NXOE starts rolling out after 3:01am ET/ 12:01am PT November 12th. Back Compat titles will be playable or start to appear in your collection (for digital purchases) after 3:01pm /12:01 pm (Noon) PT on Thursday

 Source: Major Nelson

Built on Windows 10, the New Xbox One Experience, brings an improved UI and Xbox 360 backwards compatibility (doubling the value of that Xbox Live Gold Membership that you already have). Here's the quick run down.

Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility

Here's what the players have been waiting for. Rather than having to by a bunch of "enhanced editions" (mostly just repackaged in 1080p 60fps) a huge library of Xbox 360 games are now directly compatible with your Xbox One. Here's a link to the current full list.

Home Screen

This gets a much needed polish and makes the dashboard significantly more intuitive along with a new guide for faster navigation. This includes a new menu on the left sidebar.


Better categories by splitting up apps, games, and media.


Unfortunately, there have been some concerns with recent issues caused by the update.

Slow first boot after update

Blank tiles in games/apps

Voice controls not working

Can't sign in

Game content updates frozen

Fortunately, Microsoft is on it and has released a list of all of the fixes.


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