WildStar Enters (Open) Closed Beta

WildStar Caretaker

With some of the current closed beta keys expiring and the WildStar free-to-play release coming up next Tuesday, Carbine Studios and NCSoft have opened the gates for anyone who wants to download and try it out without the need for a key.

Hey Everyone – We’re aware that there are some people experiencing issues with their beta keys expiring. Upon further investigation we’ve decided to remove the need for them altogether. Come on in and give free-to-play a taste test by downloading the test server client (http://wildstar.patcher.ncsoft.com/PTR/WildStarPTR.exe), logging in, and having fun. See you on Nexus! Team WildStar

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  1. themerlen says:

    Carbine Studios is hosting a launch event starting at 6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm Eastern on Tuesday, September 29th on the WildStar Twitch channel to celebrate the release.

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