Top 10 Upcoming Free to Play MMORPG’s of 2015

Black Desert Online all classes
Next year is shaping up to be amazing for the MMORPG genre. There are many good MMO’s but how do you decide exactly which one to play? Well, we’ve already done some of the hard work for you. Here we’ve compiled ten of our most anticipated games of 2015.

10. Battlecry
From Bethesda Softworks and developer Battlecry Studios comes visceral team-based PVP combat and beautiful artwork. With up to 32 players on the battlefield at once, it is reminiscent of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare by Tom Banner Studios. Battlecry enters beta in 2015. Check out the first trailer below.

9. Phantasy Star Online 2
The western audience has been eagerly awaiting its release since localization was first announced back in 2012. We still haven’t received it yet but from what I have played of the current release, it is a heck of a lot of fun. The instanced dungeons do get a bit tiring though as many of the maps look the same. Coming from an action-RPG background with some of my favorite games being Diablo II/III and Path of Exile, I wouldn’t call that a deal breaker. Otherwise the game looks stunning.

8. Kingdom Under Fire 2
From its first release back in 2001, the Kindgom Under Fire series stayed true to its strategy based combat up until Circle of Doom was released for the Xbox 360 in early 2008. Now the series is getting back to its roots with a mix of RTS and 3rd person over-the-shoulder gameplay allowing you to either jump straight into fray and hack ‘n slash your way to victory or step back and lead your troops charging into battle. Currently under development we are hoping to see it some time late 2015.

7. Blade and Soul
A western release was first announced by NCSoft back in September of 2012, but we have yet to receive an official release date. An animated television spin-off even started airing in April of this year. Hopefully the western release has not been permanently tabled. *crosses fingers*

6. Bless Online
Developed by Neowiz Games, Bless Online is the first game to utilize the Unreal Engine 3 landscape tools, and it looks fantastic! The visuals are absolutely stunning. Currently in closed beta we are hoping for an early 2015 release.

5. Icarus Online

Having entered open beta this past April in Japan, hopefully we will see a western release of the game in late 2015. With six playable classes confirmed WeMade looks to have outdone themselves. The game will include arial combat as well as flying raid bosses. Here’s just a quick look at some of the gameplay that you can expect.

4. Archeage

The much anticipated open-world sandbox MMORPG from Trion, the creators of RIFT, Archeage just entered open beta this past week. With a focus on PVP and player to player interaction there will always be something to do. I would have liked to see more PVE scenarios integrated into the game though for the more casual of gamers. The game features mount, air, and sea travel. It looks to even rival Everquest Next with the amount of environmental interaction that it offers. Check out the launch trailer below.

3. Skyforge
A sci-fi fantasy MMO set in the futuristic land of Aelion. An impressive landscape is not the only thing that earns this a spot in our top 3. Skyforge also allows the player to evenly level up all 10 character classes without having to level 10 individual characters. One character can perform every roll allowing the player to change on the fly ensuring they can fill any spot and never have to miss a raid. Need a healer? No problem. Someone to face tank all of the incoming damage? You got it.

2. Everquest Next
As mentioned above, Everquest Next sports the highest amount of environmental interaction ever seen in an MMO with the integration of voxels (the building blocks of Minecraft) on a finer scale. Enabling the player to create, effectively, whatever it is they can imagine. Released back in 1999 Everquest took up the torch from Ultima Online and pioneered the modern day 3-D MMORPG. Everquest 2 looks to be an utterly massive and astonishingly beautiful game. And best of all. You can help build it. Sony Online Entertainment has currently released Everquest Next Landmark, a complete game in and of itself, where they will be able to take areas that the players have designed and use them in the final release of Everquest Next. If SOE is able to keep their promises, this will be one amazing game that, like its forebear, will surely stand the test of time.

1. Black Desert Online
Black Desert Online, easily earning the #1 spot on our list, does everything right. The combat is fluid and action oriented and the locations and scenery are amazing. The weather (yes, even the weather) is set in real time and the world’s components (trees, ground, everything) reflect it rather than it just being a change in the color of the skyline and a little mist or flurries in the air. The game features full world PVP and everything is killable. Bosses are massive and you feel accomplished when you successfully down one. I can’t say enough about this game. Did I mention they are currently working on development for the Oculus Rift too? Here’s just the trailer, but I highly encourage any avid MMORPG fan to check out their full website.

What do you think? Did we get it right? What is the game you are looking forward to most? Let me know in the comments section below.

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