[TL;DR] October 26th to 31st 2015

Our video game news rundown, TL;DR for the week of October 26th. We curate the news so you don't have to.

Borderlands series gets some major updates

Elemental (Maya) buffs, better legendary drops, and performance improvements.

Fallout 4: Nuka-Cola Quantum available at Target

What is it? It is blue! Jones soda will now have Quantum for a limited time.

Halo 6 Splitscreen?

Missing it in Halo 5? We are. But at least it hasn't been ruled out for any other sequels. The backlash from the community was definitely heard.

November Games with Gold released

Dungeon Siege III, 'nuf said. No really, 'nuf said. The rest is meh, even with backwards compatibility being released on November 10th.

Playstation Plus free games for November

Even with as average as Games with Gold are this month, PS Plus has even less. Though if you haven't already picked up The Walking Dead Season 2, that would worth the hard drive space.

SKT takes home the Summoner's Cup in the League of Legends World Championship

Beating KOO Tigers 3-1 after going 15-1 throughout Worlds. 

Smite gets a new game mode

Xbox Kinect gets cheaper, worth buying now? Let us know in the comments section below.

Following the price drop on the PS4, Microsoft reduces the price of the Kinect to 99.99. 


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    Society is as such …. ;). But believe me, as we become a more open society, criticsm and sptcndoniori-g will become more common. You should try being in places like India or Taiwan, where media freedom is high … it’s amazing how much mud gets slinged over mainstream media.And bad news sells, which is why we’re all reading so much negative news on TV.pelf: You’re making me even more depressed..

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