[TL;DR] November 9th to 13th

Our video game news rundown, TL;DR, for the week of November 9th. We curate the news so you don't have to.

Did you know Carl Sagan was a video game designer? Neither did we.

“The question is how to design a home video game which would teach a great deal of astronomy in a context as exciting as most violent video games,” the document begins. He goes on to imagine a game that simulates parts or all of a galaxy, taking place “over such a long period of time that stellar evolutionary events would have to be taken into account,” and in which players would solve puzzles that would at the same time teach players the “geography of the Milky Way Galaxy.”

Bungie unveils Destiny's Refer-a-Friend Program 

While we don't know the exact details of the program, we should know soon after the deployment of the November update, which should be happening soon. All players also received the gear manager in the companion app this week. 

The new Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft League of Explorers solo adventure launches

And it looks great, even without a true boss fight in Week 1. Loving the creativity and change of pace. Check out the full review above.

Legacy of the Void released

The final Starcraft II expansion has been released, selling more than 1 million copies in 24 hrs. Show Protoss some love and construct some additional pylons.

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow coming to the 3DS eShop February 27th

Definitely looking forward to this re-release. I still have my copy of Pokemon Red and while it is also widely available for various emulators it's great to get the rest back on a Nintendo handheld. Hopefully this also means good things for Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

Steam Controller used to help a disabled Skyrim player

Developed for a user's father who only has the use of his right arm. The creator of this control scheme, Chris Hepburn, is a bamf.

The New Xbox One Experience and Backwards Compatibility are here

And with it comes a few bugs. Fortunately, Microsoft has fixes. Also, what we were actually waiting for, 104 backwards compatible games thusfar.


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