[TL;DR] November 16th to 20th

Our video game news rundown, TL;DR, for the week of November 16th. We curate the news so you don't have to.

Game of Thrones Finale Episode 6: The Ice Dragon released

The finale gets a release after a year of waiting and Telltales Games announces season 2.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft adventure League of Explorers Week 2: Uldaman released

Click the link to check out our review of Mine Carts and Troggs.

Overwatch Beta Weekend

And we aren't invited. Please Blizzard. Overwatch Beta Weekend is running from Friday November 20th through Monday November 23rd.

Playstation 2 Emulation coming to PS4

Still no backwards compatibility for PS3 though…at least we have it for the 360. Thanks Microsoft!

Star Wars Battlefront released

Great on nostalgia, lacking in variety. But society loves Call of Duty still so re-skin it as Star Wars and you'd still sell millions of copies.

Batman: Arkham Knight will not support nVidia SLI / AMD Crossfire Crossover

But let's be honest, the PC port is and was a trainwreck. Warner Bros. is still offering refunds for anyone who purchased it. Losing support for multiple GPU's is no great loss at this point.

Humble 2K Weekend Bundle is live

If you haven't picked up all of the Borderlands games, now is a fantastic time with each being 60-75% off. Same goes for the BioShock trilogy.


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