[Review] Hearthstone League of Explorers Week 4: Hall of Explorers

The fourth and final wing of The League of Explorers, Hearthstone's third Adventure, launched today. The arch-thief Rafaam has entered the Hall of Explorers and is looting, Spoilers: everything. Stop him!


First and foremost, here there be spoilers. Now that, that's out of the way, it's time for a "half-caf double-decaffeinated half caf with a twist of lemon" skinny review. First, and foremost, I loved League of Explorers as a whole and this week's run was again, a fairly easy, relaxed, and fun break from Ranked.

The fight with Skelesaurus Hex allowed you to easily generate card and board advantage.

The Steel Sentinel was just a grind and while it was a more unique gimmick (only doing one damage per hit to the opposing hero), it didn't serve to add any challenge to the battle, rather it just made it drag on when you were wanting to get to Rafaam.

Arch-Thief Rafaam was a blast! Your entire goal is to build a deck of the worst cards you can find so that he can steal it. The only thing that allows him to still compete is his hero power, Unstable Portal.

Rafaam Unleashed gave us Boss Rush mode, bringing back everyone as minions, throwing artifacts his way once the staff breaks his shield every 4 turns. Reno Freeze Mage was able to take this battle handily, saving Thalnos, Roaring Torch, Frost Bolt, Frost Bolt, Ice Lance, Ice Lance for 10 Mana with a tiny bit of damage needed beforehand.

Now, to the full review.

Skelesaurus Hex

"What, a wonderful museum. Here, meet my friend, Skelesaurus Hex!"

Hero Power: Give each player a random card. It costs (0).

While the cards given were quite random, they all proved useful. Oil Rogue, or any other combo-centric Rogue for that matter, is the clear choice to fight Skelesaurus Rex due to the 0 cost card that you get to open every turn with, setting up any combos you could want. Apparently Blizzard thought so too since this is who you will face off with for the class challenge (though your card quality is certainly suspect).

Rewards Normal:  Fossilized Devilsaur ,  Raven Idol Rogue Class Challenge:  Tomb Pillager

The Steel Sentinel

"Such lovely toys. Shame you keep breaking them."

Hero Power: Your hero can only take one damage at a time.

Mage is the clear choice here. Arcane Missiles. Rhonin. Duplicate/Echo. Flame Strike/Doomsayer. More Arcane Missiles. Oh, and your Hero Power to ping face religiously. This battle can be stupidly long since you have to ensure you don't get run over and can only do a fraction of the face damage that you would normally output each turn.

Rewards Normal:  Cursed Blade Museum Curator  Mage Class Challenge:  Animated Armor

Arch-Thief Rafaam

"I like your deck. I think I am going to take it."

Hero Power: Add a random minion to your hand, it costs (3) less.

As the quote might suggest, it's time to build a garbage deck of all vanilla minions or non-vanilla with useless abilities. Lots of 1/1's here I come. Elise Starseeker was nice enough to bring us a backup deck to use. While it isn't the greatest deck by far, it beats rolling deep with Angry Chickens and Wisps. With you controlling the majority of Rafaam's cards, you should always be able to find favorable trades.

Rewards Normal:  Curse of Rafaam Wobbling Runts

Rafaam Unleashed

"Enough! You are nothing before the Staff of Origination!"

Hero Power: You are Immune while the staff charges.

I loved the Boss Rush on Normal, it was fun to see all of them return, though I wish we could actually collect all of them then (like we get to do with Rafaam). Heroic, on the other hand, is brutal. Freeze Mage seems to be the most optimal deck here with Doomsayer to counter all but Lady Naz'jar. This battle was a lot of fun, and had just the right amount of stall before bursting him down, to be able to see all of the boss shenanigans again without getting tiresome.

Rewards Normal:  Eerie Statue Desert Camel Elise Starseeker Arch-Thief Rafaam


So what do we give it? Going to have to say

Boss RushBoss RushBoss RushBoss Rush

(4) boss rushes out of 5.



The last two battles were a ton of fun. First with being able to deal your opponent terrible cards and then running up against everyone you had beaten before for the grand finale. It would have received a perfect score if not for The Steel Sentinel who, no matter how we look at it, was just there to waste time before we could get to the main event.

As a whole, League of Explorers was a terrific triumph, it was fun, it was unique even as the third adventure, and it introduced a huge amount of cards that actually are getting to see play in the current meta.

Our final score for League of Explorers is

a Leeroy Jenkins smile

Hearthstone League of Explorers Leeroy Jenkins Smileand a cheerful popcorn toss

Hearthstone League of Explorers Leeroy Jenkins Cheer Popcorn

What did you think of this week's adventure to the Hall of Explorers? Did you like League of Explorers as a whole or did it fail to impress? Let us know in the doobly do below.


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