[Review] Hearthstone League of Explorers Week 2: Uldaman

Today we saw the release of the second wing of League of Explorers in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. And like the wing before it we are treated to some relatively easy fights as well as an escape quest. We also meet Brann Bronzebeard who, even at the time of writing this, has started to see play in Constructed.


The normal game was fun but easy. The first fight, Chieftain Scarvash was relatively challenging with having to play around the Hero Power each turn. The escape quest held no surprises since it wasn't the boss fight this time. The actual boss fight against Archaedas was the easiest of all the fights if you build around spell damage or minion buffs.

Chieftain Scarvash

Only concern here was maintaining board presence. Easiest way to do this with Mage would be stalling with Ice Barriers into Doomsayer/Frost Nova since your cards only cost 2 more at most so turn 7 is still viable for the clear. Other than that, just lay down the face damage and you should be fine. Heroic Scarvash is an entirely different story though. Board presence is needed throughout as he can very easily go face for double digits on turn 2. Not to mention the Hero Power instead makes cards cost 11 more. Eliminating the ability to play both types of cards in a single turn.

Mine Cart Rush

Both Normal and Heroic are easy enough. Being stacked in the player's favor since the deck is created for you. There are no surprises here either which makes for a rather relaxing break after Scarvash.


Fairly straight forward with a board that fills up fast from the statues that he spawns every turn. Only surprise is when he pops all of these statues to deal damage directly to your hero. This is especially dangerous in Heroic since they pop for 3 each requiring you to deal with the full board. Frost Nova/Doomsayer works well here also.


So what do we give it? Going to have to go with

Mine CartMine CartMine Cart out of 5 mine carts. They did a nice job with the difficulty for players just getting introduced to the game but veterans will likely be bored with the challenges. This week still provides new, interesting, and viable cards though that are seeing play so this should be recognized. In the end, still looking forward to week 3 but am willing to be patient since we won't see it till the week after Thanksgiving.


What do you think? Liked it? Hated it? How does it compare to previous adventures? Let us know in the comments below.


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