[Review] Hearthstone: League of Explorers Week 1: Temple of Orsis

Hearthstone League of Explorers

With the release of League of Explorers today, we get back into Hearthstone after a long hiatus. Admittedly I made the mistake of dusting a bunch of my cards to try and run the ladder some time ago so my progression is limited. Even having said that, running a basic Paladin or Mage with nothing special, Week 1 Normal went down fairly easily. This is in stark contrast to Black Rock Mountain and Curse of Naxxramas.

Now, please be forewarned, this review does contain spoilers of game mechanics though the story will be left relatively untouched.

TL;DR: The full clear of week 1 normal took just shy of 30 minutes from start to finish, which felt a bit fast, especially given the quality of the deck that I was running (which is to say that it wasn't quality, at all). But at the lowest price point so far for a solo adventure series (20.00 vs 25.00 USD or still the usual 700 gold per week) with 45 cards available instead of the previous 30, I would say it is definitely worth picking up.

Temple of Orsis


Zinaar is probably one of the most gracious enemies you will meet. He draws a card every turn giving you a bunch of wishes (sometimes even allowing you to wish for more wishes). He was even so nice as to give me an Archmage Antonidas mid-game and then load my hand up with additional copies of  Fireball  from using each wish thereafter. My opponent was also my closest ally. Reno offered no help though.

TL;DR: Try to spend as many cards as you can. Zinaar will keep your hand full.

Sun Raider Phaerix

Definitely the most difficult fight this week and emphasized that your health doesn't matter until it hits zero. The majority of the fight I sat with single digit health and finally crawled back to win it. He has a number of spells that can cause the rod to change hands in an instant which slows your forward momentum down immensely. A number of those same spells could have ended the game but the AI in normal was blissfully not too aggressive, making fairly obvious misplays targeting my minions rather than taking my health down to zero from 3.

TL;DR: Taunt, taunt is good.

Temple Escape

The boulder mechanic was exciting and required a bit of finesse to place a throw away 2-mana minion in between it and the field you want to keep (or just put all of your additional minions to the right of it).

Indiana Jones being chased by a boulder

The opposing minions are monsterous but the ceiling does most of the work with 5 turns to go (hint: don't over extend on turn 4). You just have to stall till then.

TL;DR: " "


So what do we give Hearthstone: League of Explorers Week 1: Temp of Orsis?
I'm going to have to go with 4 Indies out of 5

Indiana Jones HatIndiana Jones HatIndiana Jones HatIndiana Jones Hat


The gameplay was engaging and fun. The final battle had a surprise that could either give you a free win or put a dead stop to your momentum. RNGesus was kind enough to bestow his blessing upon me in this case. Not to mention the bigger piles of loot that are in store. We are treasure hunter…hrmph forgive me, explorers, after all. The only places that it faultered were that the Normal campaign felt short and that it was not particularly challenging (especially since Phaerix just seems to forget what the objective is halfway through).


See you in week 2.


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