[Review] Game of Thrones Finale Episode 6: The Ice Dragon

Gared Tuttle looking at a map while up in a tree

This week we finally come to the conclusion of Telltale's Game of Thrones first season. I say finally, not out of excitement, but out of the joy of being done. After having finished Tales from the Borderlands (which by all accounts could have been Game of the Year, even with being a game centered around QTE's) I had high hopes that Game of Thrones would turn around. Unfortunately that was not the case.


None of your choices mattered. "X will remember that" is meaningless as always. The series is bleak, even by Game of Thrones standards, and unsatisfying. Definitely will hold off on the season pass for the second season when it is released.

Time for the review. Here there be spoilers (but no dragons, sorry). 

This episode we catch up with Gared Tuttle who finally finds the North Grove (and does nothing) and Mira Forrester, who still can't manage to accomplish anything in King's Landing except make Margaery so angry that she removes you from her service.

This family feels largely like just a re-skin of the Starks in both that they can't seem to get ahead, as well as the misfortunes (deaths) that befall their house. First person to go is of course Lord Gregor Forrester (Ned), with the second and third to go being 2 sons (we'll equate them to Rob Stark), then 4th to go is the lovely Lady Elissa Forrester (Catelyn Stark), bad things befall Mira Forrester (Sansa Stark, though Sansa survives it), and Talia is nowhere to be found (Arya Stark). And Gared Tuttle, while just a servant to House Forrester, we'll count him. He's taking the roll of Jon Snow joining and then abandoning the Night's Watch to venture into the wilds and has abandoned the Night's Watch (for now, though I assume he'll be back). While these all might seem like a bit of a stretch, it still feels like lazy writing.

In the end, while many people may say there were a bunch of surprises, the only surprise was that somehow nothing truly bad happened to the Whitehills as well. This is where the game became unsatisfying. Normally something beneficial happens to the main characters and then the rug is ripped out from under them. In this case, it is simply that the player can't catch a break.


So what do we give it? We'll give it

SnowballSnowball out of 5 snowballs. It didn't live up to what was expected of Telltale after Tales from the Borderlands concluded in spectacular fashion. Hopefully we will see improvement as additional episodes are released. I am not expecting too much though with the fast release of Minecraft: Story Mode episodes and the writing quality seen there (Assembly Required's F-Bomb joke comes to mind).


What are your thoughts? Were we unnecessarily harsh or are you also thinking of taking a break from the Telltale season passes? Let us know down in the doobly doo. See you on Thursday for our review of Week 2 of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft League of Explorers.


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