November Games with Gold | Backwards Compatibility Attracts

November GWG 2015

Microsoft has come out with their list of free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers for the month of November:

Xbox One

Pneuma: Breath of Life (November 1-30)

Knight Squad (November 16 – December 15)

Xbox 360

DiRT 3 (November 1 – November 15)

Dungeon Siege III (November 16 – November 30)


So what do we give this offering? Meh with a side of woo.

Overall, I can't say I am very enthusiastic about the majority of these offerings, but with backwards compatibility I am definitely excited to get Dungeon Siege III. Being a long time fan of the series, I can't help but be happy with getting this one for free for consoles (even if it is no longer developed by Gas Powered Games). I might feel differently by the time it gets here though since the Steam Link will be arriving on the 10th which should take care of the majority of my living room gaming needs.

Either way, if we are seeing 4 free games a month now, I am definitely going to need to be getting a bigger external drive.

If you haven't played Dungeon Siege yet, do so. It's a great piece of ARPG history, with my favorite being Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna. You can currently pick up the entire collection for less than 20.00 (G2A).


How do you feel about Games with Gold? Does it still make up for paying to play online or has the luster faded? Let us know in the doobly doo below.


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