Mythborne: Fastest Power Leveling Guide

So the server is brand new and you are wanting to get to the top and stay there to get an easy chance at raids with limited competition? Or the server is old and you just started and need to catch up quickly. What can you do? This guide will show you how to level up fastest and get to the top in no time. Level cap is a long way to go so we better get started.



You don’t always have to be playing to gain experience. There is a best way to do this though. When going AFK you will want to ensure that you have both an Aegis (+30% rare, +20% greater, or +10% fine) and Affinity (+50% with a character of the opposite gender, +20% with a character of the same gender) set. If you are going to be offline overnight it is best to choose either a greater or fine Aegis and preferably one on the second page as it is less likely to get stolen while you are away. If it is only going to be a short while go all out and grab a rare.

Mythborne AFK and Aegis

Daily Quests

Make sure that you get all 8 spots lit as rewards are determined by how many different quests you have completed. Once you have all 8, you can do your other 2 quests with whatever shows up. You should have enough Daily Quest Scrolls from Dio Dice each week to pretty comfortably reset quests as necessary even with a string of bad luck.

Daily Quests UI

Dark Thirst

Many players suggest going for the purple orb every time. I would advocate that for the first two deposits you should aim for the blue orb. Then on the third deposit aim for purple or the free Focus at 200 energy. The reason that I suggest this is because there are a limited number of deposits that can be made each day. If you make it to 200 you are still able to continue depositing thereafter. This is worthwhile as it sets you up to be able to open the next day with an instant purple and then deposit as you normally would rather than focusing as soon as you receive it which would prevent you from depositing further.

Mythborne Dark Thirst UI


You can use 10 elixirs / day. Craft up to the highest tier that you can make a full ten of. If you can’t make 10 purple stick with blue and so on. Normally if you completed all of your dungeons prior to crafting elixirs you should be able to craft at least a full set of green.


Your farm is a fantastic source of experience as it increases levels. Every 5 levels, you are able to plant one additional plot of land which can equal up to 4,860,000 additional experience per day. This is done by having a serf and planting T2 EXP Berries (1 hr) once every hour and then planting T2 EXP Berries (8 hr) overnight. You also can gain experience from robbing from other friends’ farms. So go and make nice with new victims…I mean friends.

Mythborne Farm Shop Exp panel

Friend Packs

In addition to being able to rob your friends’ farms, you also get experience every time one levels up. In addition to this you can give them Friend Packs to increase the experience you receive. It is only advisable to give Friend Pack III’s and then only 9 daily as the experience boost is only a 5x boost and after 9 packs you no longer get any additional Prestige from the Friendly Fortune Hot Event.

Mythborne Friend Pack UI


You can run this twice daily and should definitely do so. If looking for experience you should run the highest tier you can complete fully as not only does this get you the most bang for your buck as far as experience goes but it also gets you the chance at a bit extra by becoming the Oligarch. This extra benefit is minimal though (200k extra experience for Cloudbreaker and 500k for Mistfall) so if you want a balanced character rather than just the highest level, if you can do at least 2 bosses on the highest tier available run that. This will ensure you get the most Epic Radiant ores possible.


Try and collect every Feast (100 Stamina each) possible and also get in a Guild. The Guild blessing can give you up to 150 Stamina daily. Then do all Immortals (necessary for gold, from blue gear, and runes. Then use the rest of your Stamina on the highest normal dungeon you can run. This way if you are always out, you continue to get the 10 Stamina / half hour rather than getting to 500 and not gaining any more.

Star Crossed

A huge experience boost over what you would normally get during AFK. Get a friend who needs it as well. Have them invite you and then return the favor. You can also have Affinity and Aegis going and the same time to further improve your experience gain.

War Gods

War Gods is a great source of experience and also gets you Skill points to be used on Skill books. You can do this once per day.



This gives a substantial amount of experience and also crafting materials for Soul Quartz which is hard to come by unless you purchase the Essence Fund. The requirement is 400 Abyss points to get the max amount of experience. This can be done quickly by starting with an empty health bar and rushing through as soon as the Abyss opens and killing enemies on tiers 2 and 3. Most players either kill through tier 1 or run straight to tiers 4 and 5. This ensures that you can kill the most amount of enemies before they run out. After that simply suicide on tier 5 against another player and then suicide repeatedly or use Deathstrike to quickly end battles until you are at 400. This process should take no more than 5 minutes.


This is another event that boosts your AFK experience as long as you are in the Guild Hall. You can also share ale with others (up to 5 mugs and then one toast all). You can get anywhere from 100-200k+ experience per mug depending on your level. Simply find someone who will be your drinking buddy and toast each other 10 times (5 times each). Don’t forget to set Affinity and an AFK Aegis as well.

Convoy Escort

Now that the 2x EXP Convoy Escort event is gone in favor of the Convoy Club Deed, you will want to save your 3 escorts until either the last hour before server reset or someone purchased the deed. This will give you the best chance at receiving double experience. Which is worth the same as having an Epic Deed without Convoy Club active.

Guild Warfare

It is really easy to max out experience in this event. 2 full runs of all 3 demigods (Nike, Hercules, and Perseus) and then delivering the crystal is all that is required. Each demigod kill is worth 40 Valor and delivering the crystal is worth 100. This can be completed within 3 minutes if you are quick. Even if you are killed by another group of players you only need 10 demigod kills to get the required 400 pts.

The Pit

Survive at least 15 minutes for the greatest static amount of Merit. In addition, since it is a PVP event and merit gain is based on your number of fights and preferably kills, it is in your best interest to pick on the little guy. You will want to get as many kills as possible while still making sure you hit that 15 minute mark. Any time past that point should be spent in battle as much as possible until you run out of lives. When cashing in Merit make sure to use all 30 exchanges. You should be able to easily afford the 300 merit for a full set of green elixirs. Merit carries over from week to week so you should do green exchanges until you have enough to make a full exchange of blues. This way you will get the most benefit out of the blues from being at a higher level when they are exchanged instead of exchanging as you go. You should never exchange for purples unless you are god tier and getting 50 kill streaks constantly. Otherwise, they are far too expensive. 5 blue elixirs costs the same as a single purple. Wait until Saturday after The Pit to cash in Merit so that you will be at your highest level of the week and get the most experience / elixir. 

The Pit Merit UI


While fishing doesn’t give a ton of experience, it is still superior to being AFK (even with Aegis and Affinity). It also can provide you with level 1 gems and a decent amount of silver.

Fishing Panel Experience


Once Per Week

Dio Dice

Dio Dice is by far the best event for experience gain. Like most of the other events, experience gain is based on your current level so this should always be done on Sunday prior to server reset for the next week (between 23:00 and 24:00 is the best time since all events are done by then). If you are VIP level 3 or higher the experience gain improves exponentially. Before you roll the dice at all use Jump 3 times. This will cost 425 silver (5 – from white to green, 20 – from green to blue, 400 – from blue to purple) but is well worth it. This will place you in the purple ring for all 100 rolls yielding huge amount of experience. At level 60 I was getting over 400k per quest completed. There is some risk involved presumably though as you run the risk that you land on the ? and it teleports you to a random location on the board. I have not had this happen yet though so it might be disabled on the inner most ring. If someone has experienced otherwise let me know in the comments section below.

Dio Dice jump to Purple Ring


Get VIP level 3. Do everything. No exceptions. And use Jump 3 times at the start of Dio Dice. Never forget to get an Aegis and Affinity each time you AFK.

Did I miss anything? Is there a faster way? Do you prefer slow leveling (strong for your level) or power leveling? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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