Mythborne (Free MMORPG) Review: The First 50

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Mythborne is a free-to-play 2.5D (isometric) MMORPG from publisher R2 Games and developer Tiantuo Company. The lore is your standard RPG fare, and while who doesn't love Olympians, they didn't exactly spend heavily on their writers. Here's a sample of the lore behind the game. 

As the story goes, before the age of Myths and Heroes, monsters and calamity spread across the world. Humans themselves joined the fight against these fierce monsters. The strongest mortals stood on top of the world, possessing the power of the gods. Those with power headed to the West to slay the serpent writhing on the bottom of the sea, and went to the East to destroy the dragon that swallowed the stars. All evil was banished. 

In this age of peace, humans' power has become weak, the legends of the mighty are inaudible, and mortals must pray to the gods for protection. 

However, no gods are flawless. A fierce clash broke out in the heavens, pitting the Olympians against the Titans. The Titan's, doomed to be imprisoned in Tartarus, seized their chance and released all evils in the world from Pandora's Box. 

Since that fateful day, the curse from Pandora's Box has crept slowly across the world with a breath of terror that frightens even the strongest Olympians.

Basically, Pandora never learns. 



You are given a choice between 5 characters classes:

Duelist: Melee DPS

Hunter: Ranged DPS

Mage: Ranged DPS

Oracle: Support

Paladin: Melee / Tank

You may have noticed that I have been very sparse with my descriptions of each of the classes. This is because they all essentially operate the same. Combat is very simplistic with a standard rotation of highest DPS no cost ability, spender, rage generator, spender, spender and by this time the battle should be over. You are even offered at level 20 to be able to skip battles against AI and have the computer decide who won.

If you are interested in a more detailed character summary though, player Nefertiti has posted an excellent class guide here.


The progression system is much like any other R2 Games offering with an ability to purchase almost any in-game items for real money to expedite your leveling experience and BR gain. The first 35 levels were able to be completed with ease within a couple of hours but as you hit level 40 and beyond it slows down to approximately 1 day / level if doing all of the events.

*Update: Now around level 90+ progression has slowed to approximately 1 level per week. With the cap increase to level 150, you will get at least a solid year and a half of grind to achieve max level.

The gap between casher and non-casher is significant even with the game still only having just passed the second week of beta. This fits the Chinese MMORPG style that R2 Games centers its company around, focusing on the heavy cashers or "whales" as highlighted in the video from the 2012 Game Developers' Conference found here.

At level 50 there is a hard gear check, with everything before it being able to be completed regardless of how fast the player progressed. With the completed 40 set and most other bonuses maxed, the player will still find it difficult, if not impossible, to handle the solo level 50 content. You are able to spend to craft the level 50 gear so that you can handle the level 50 content and farm for more level 50 gear, or you can continue playing the level 40 content until you can convert the 40 items to their level 50 counterparts at a rate of 3/1. This means that while grinding your 50 gear, other players have cashed and progressed up to 60 resulting in their being a full gear tier ahead of you if not more. This would not be such a problem, except that there are very few events where higher level players are separated from lower level players making it even more difficult for the lower player to progress and most of the gameplay centers around some PVP element.

Basically, you get a lot of this…

TheMerlen versus Teaya Arena

User Interface

In a word, messy. There is way too much going on. Think of someone playing World of Warcraft and then double it. With over 60 buttons and multiple information panels the main UI looks nothing but cluttered. You do get used to it however, and in reality it provides an easy way to get to everything rather than having to dig through 16 different menus just to get to your gameplay settings. They could completely do away with the map and coordinates feature as the game supports, and by design encourages, auto-pathing. Here's just a quick screenshot of what we're looking at.

Mythborne messy user interface

Oh, and did I mention that whenever a player purchases something from the Vault it displays a message in the center of everyone's screen, presumably to encourage us all to continue the spam train and buy stuff. And don't even get me started on roses. If a player gives 99 or more roses as a single gift everyone's screen explodes with rose petals, as if it wasn't crowded enough.

In summation though, the game isn't bad. It hits its target audience spot on. Those who are willing to spend countless amounts in order to be the best at an online game. Or those core players who enjoy solid RPG elements but want something a bit more relaxed than your World of Warcraft clones or Diablo 3 APRG's. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But if you are a moderate casher, you might be better off staying entirely free-to-play unless you just want to support the game. This is because if you don't spend enough, you still get left behind, regardless of the amount of time that you spend in game. As a veteran of WarTune, I will likely be playing this game still for months to come. 

I would give this one 3.5 out of 5 boob fairies.


A PVP-heavy blend of League of Angels and WarTune, Mythborne is a Free-to-play MMORPG but definitely "Pay-to-win." Shut up and take my money!

Played anything new lately or have an old favorite that I should check out? Tell me all about it in the comments section below.


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