Mythborne: Diamond Spending Guide

There has been a lot of question lately of what purchases are considered “best value.” If you are someone like me, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on games monthly but you can afford a few recharges here and there to keep up with other moderate cashers. This guide will highlight what items give you the most bang for your buck.

First off, let me clarify, this will not include recommendations on what to purchase in the Market (except when it pertains to buying common items there to flip for silver) as the prices fluctuate heavily based on supply/demand. We will be discussing items with static prices in the Shop / Vault / Funds / Discounts / Guild Shop and any other benefits that you can purchase.


The only things that you should purchase from the regular shop are:

1. Leader’s Bane – if you need to overthrow an inactive Guild leader

2. Tiresias Card – if you need to get a sex change so you can marry your friend who is currently the same sex as you

The rest of the items that you can purchase there are either overpriced compared to the Vault or can be easily obtained through other in game features. You might be considering the Gold or Diamond ring but you are actually better off purchasing the Silver ring from the Honor Shop for 500 Honor instead of the 295 diamonds from the Shop. The reason for this is that 2 Fortify Stones (The only other thing you should buy in the Honor Shop) is 700 Honor and only costs 130 diamonds each in the Vault. Saving you 35 diamonds and 200 Honor. Once you have the ring just use it until you have maxed 2 marriage skills. Once maxed you can upgrade it for 999 diamonds to Gold. This saves you 335 diamonds total over purchasing the Gold Ring for 1595 diamonds straight away in the Shop. 


1. Flawless Star Crystal – The only way to acquire star crystals currently is through either the Shop or the Vault, and the Flawless Star Crystal gives 100% chance of 2 engraves. This theoretically saves you 35 diamonds over purchasing 3X + Star Crystals (30% chance of 2X engraving) and 185 diamonds over 10X Stardust (10% chance of 2X engraving).

star crystal vaultStar Dust and Crystal in Shop






2. Fortify Stone – While it does cost 130 diamonds it is the only way to get Fortify Stones other than the Honor Shop

Guild Shop

I include the Guild Shop because you can increased your tribute by donating. The payout is 10X tribute per diamond. This makes the Guild Shop cheaper for Drills than the regular Shop. Approximately half price actually.

1. Drill II – 15 diamonds if purchasing tribute, 30 diamonds if purchasing from Shop

2. Drill III – 45 diamonds if purchasing tribute, 90 diamonds if purchasing from Shop

3. Drill IV – 135 diamonds if purchasing tribute, 265 diamonds if purchasing from Shop

Drills Guild Shop

You can also purchase tribute to speed up increasing Aura level, but once you have 4X sockets in all of your gear there is nothing else to spend tribute on. When purchasing Auras though you will always want to purchase Aura Ore III. You save 300 tribute per Aura Ore III over the 4X Aura Ore II’s it would take to get 1600 Aura EXP.


Most of the funds are best value for what they give you but there are a few that you should avoid. These are:

1. Gear Fund – This does not provide anything of value as all of the components that make up this fund are easily obtainable at a cheaper price from Market player sales or from solo dungeons / Spire.

2. Wealth Fund – 695 diamonds for 3000 silver is absolutely terrible. You will find players frequently selling blue gear for 2 diamonds or less. Even if we assume you only find Necklaces/Harpoons (sell for 10 silver each rather than the 20 silver of every other piece of blue gear). You can still purchase 3000 silver in this way for 600 diamonds, saving you 95 diamonds over the fund. You can also purchase level 60 runes for around 10 diamonds each and recycle them in the Crafting tab down to 9X level 40 runes which will net you 87 silver after crafting costs. This saves you 350 diamonds over the purchase of the Wealth Fund. You even come out ahead still if purchasing for 20 diamonds each, though it is only 5 diamonds then.


The only good items here are the Unleash Pack and the Gear Upgrade Pack. The Unleash is by far and away the best for the value here. The Gear Upgrade Pack will also save you 180 diamonds over the purchase of 3X level 4 gems in the Vault and then the rest is just an added bonus. The Precious Pack is absolutely awful. You are essentially purchasing 1 Epic Astral for 1800 diamonds since the rest of the pack is garbage. 3X Rare Deed costs 450 diamonds in the Vault but you should no longer buy these since the 2X Convoy Event was replaced with the Convoy Club Escort deed (which nobody buys due to the cost being too high for the reward. 995 diamonds in Vault or 1995 diamonds at the Escort Marshal). The Daily Spend Pack is also sub par as it gives you, at a maximum: 360 Skill Points (2X level 3 Skill books), 80 silver (the cost of 10X HP Potion II), and 50 mugs which is negligible at best (I can’t equate this to 250 Honor as you should not buy Mugs with Honor ever due to the ease with which they can be obtained from Myth Match and Daily Trials).


1. Pixie Morphs – Since you can’t get them any other way than buy purchasing them with diamonds this is by default a good way to spend your diamonds.

2. Friends Packs – If purchasing any, purchase 9X Friend Pack III. This will cost 90 diamonds but will give you an additional 9000 prestige. Zeus and Poseidon take 2 million prestige to obtain so better get saving. You certainly don’t need to purchase these but to remain competitive in the short term it is a must. In the long term (6 months +) everyone will have 2 million prestige anyways from World Boss and the daily prestige from Arenas.

3. Starter Fortune – This should not be purchased until you are close to level cap. Prior to that other purchases will give you more immediate rewards (such as purchasing blue items out of the Market as highlighted above if you need silver). At level cap this gives you 70k silver. This translates to 7.8 silver per diamond. While not quite as good of a deal as blues / level 60 runes on the Market, it is guaranteed to be available for purchase whenever you want it.

Starter Fortune UI

4. World Fortune – This is a fantastic source of experience if you are just starting out for a relatively low cost, increasingly by 5 diamonds each time you use it that day.

Final Thoughts

When spending diamonds, do your best to stay right around the 500 diamond mark each day (if you go over due to a single purchase being more expensive such as a fund or Starter Fortune that is fine), This way you can capitalize on getting as many Spenders Grand Goals as possible to maximize your Mug acquisition.

When recharging, if you can recharge as a lump sum of 299.99 USD this is by far the best value. Otherwise, it is most beneficial to just recharge for 2.00 USD (or whatever value you can afford to do daily) each day over a longer period of time to maximize the Daily Diamonds rewards.

Mythborne Daily Diamonds

Never, ever, ever use the Hustle option when getting ales. This is just a money sink and the cost to number of additional ales is terrible. You are essentially paying at a minimum 5 diamonds / ale assuming your luck is terrible and you only get 4’s.


Recharge either in 1 lump sum of 299.99 or whatever amount you can afford daily.

Don’t buy anything in the regular Shop.

Only buy Flawless Star Crystals or Fortify Stones in the Vault.

Never use Hustle when getting Ales.

Do not buy the Gear or Wealth Funds.


Did I miss anything? Do you have any tips and tricks of your own for getting the most out of your diamonds? Do you like these types of articles and want to see more of them? Let me know in the comments section below.

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