[Hearthstone] Basically Wizard Poker, or “How I Learned to Deal with Tilt”

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It is important that we first establish what "tilting" is. Have you every played pinball and shook the table so much that it penalized you, freezing your flippers and losing your current ball in play, or even worse, the whole game? This is probably the most common understanding of tilt (especially if you were like me and loved 3-D Pinball Space Cadet on Windows 2000). Tilt also exists in poker and is when, due to being mentally drained or emotionally taxed, a player adopts a less than optimal strategy. This often happens if it seems, or may in fact be the case, that your opponent has received a god-like hand over multiple rounds. Warning: Salt incoming. Then, not only that, but they make a big show of how "good" they are at the game.

In steps Hearthstone, where god hands decide games. Just last night I experienced my first real run in with tilt while running Forsen's Mech Mage (I know, absolute cancer, but that's why it was so frustrating to lose with). I guess "never lucky" really is true. By the end of the night I had dropped two full ranks from 8 and 1 star off 7 with a win-streak to 10. This was after getting wiped out repeately by Brann RenoLock (board clear + Reno drop or Brann/Healbot absolutely crushes any tempo I had) and the Freeze Mage that I normally run. I made the switch though because Freeze Mage matches were taking too long to climb with even with the 60% win rate that I was at. I had never experience a losing streak so significant. Out of the Mech Mage run I managed only one win.

So what do you do?


You obviously take the following day off work and grind ladder for 24 hrs straight until you can no longer keep your eyes open and that Naga Sea Witch starts to look like your mom.

In all seriousness though, taking a break is the best way to reset your focus and let your garbage matchups move right along. Unfortunately, with the current meta, getting away from Secret Paladin and Brann RenoLock is next to impossible. If you don't want to take a break from the game entirely, take some time to brush up on what top players are doing with whatever you are running and any tech cards that you regularly see to handle the meta.

Sometimes you will just have bad matchups where you also mulligan into all of your late game cards (damn it Antonidas get out of my hand!) even after getting rid of them from your starting hand.

Don't give up on that class or that deck though in favor of a deck that you are unfamiliar with. This is a surefire way to extend that losing streak out due to misplays.

Last but not least, on the rare occasion that you need to step away from the computer, put yourself down for cardio. Go for a walk/jog/run. I always find that this helps.


Best of luck with the rest of the season. Let us know where you get to, and what your favorite deck to play/play against was, in the comments below. I'll let you know where I get as well. Trying for Rank 5 this time around. Next season though, Legend here I come. With New Years Day hopefully being a 24 hr stream. See you tomorrow.


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3 Responses to [Hearthstone] Basically Wizard Poker, or “How I Learned to Deal with Tilt”

  1. themerlen says:

    Secret Paladin may not be the way to go with the large amount of RenoLock and Control Warriors running amok. Having said that, Reno Freeze Mage is also struggling as any time I would obtain a reasonable win streak I would run into a face hunter teching Flare (in response to Secret Paladin's prevalence) to hard counter and pop my Ice Block effortlessly. Needless to say, day 1 was less than fun, only getting to Rank 13 by the end. I really don't want to play RenoLock but this may be the last month until Summer where I can grind ladder consistently due to returning to class. What is everyone else having success with?

  2. themerlen says:

    So, netdecking didn't do too well. A small amount of progress was made. Switched back over to the Reno Freeze Mage that I should have been running all along. Easily climbed back to Rank 8. Not sure I will be able to get up to Rank 5 though due to the speed of the deck or lack thereof, but should get a decent base for grinding to Legend in Season 22 with having a 24 hr HS marathon tomorrow.

  3. themerlen says:

    Only 2 days left to hit legend if you haven't already this Season. After a rather poor showing with Mech (Cancer) Mage this past couple of days I think it is time to go full on tryhard. Going to go with a netdeck of LLLmaDe's Secret Paladin.

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