Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Chronicle RuneScape Legends

Happy (almost) New Year everyone. This year, we resolve to become a legend…a RuneScape legend in particular. We recently received our Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Closed Beta Key and along with it also received 3 more to give away to friends and family. We thought who better to offer them to than our loyal readers. So, in traditional first come first served fashion. Here they are.




Click the link below to create an account and register one of the above beta keys.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Sign Up

Who knows, maybe if everyone signs up using these keys they will give us more. *crosses fingers*


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3 Responses to Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Closed Beta Key Giveaway

  1. Charlesetta Goshow says:

    Where you so for a long time were gone?

    • themerlen says:

      Have been busy with multiple projects (as well as playing Hearthstone) lately. I hope to get back to blogging regularly by this weekend with a new TL;DR weekly wrap-up post.

  2. themerlen says:

    TL;DR Review

    Battles with an opponent feel rather bland with much of the time being spent waiting for cards to resolve. You pick up to 4 cards to play and their order at the start of each round/chapter (gaining 3 at the start of the next) and then wait for your opponent's cards and your own (8 if you are keeping count) to resolve before choosing again. There are a maximum of 5 rounds with a final battle after the fifth. It is largely in your best interest to defeat your opponent prior to that though due to the level of RNG present.

    The RNG (challenge) comes from blindly playing 4 cards with no knowledge of what your opponent intends to play. Because of this, the player who has the privilege of going first, if given a comparable deck, will almost always win because they get to strike first when each new card is played for every round. If an opponent is defeated they do not get to still resolve their card from that step, thus preventing a draw.

    The game feels heavily casual, which is fine if you are just looking to play something while you watch Netflix, YouTube, CrunchyRoll, Hulu (whatever you fancy). But then again, if you were going to do that, I would just play RuneScape and work on that Magic, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Mining, Smithing, etc. level that you so desperately want the cape for.

    On the bright side, pack cost is very manageable between the shop points rewarded at the end of each battle and the daily quests so currently there is not a huge monetary investment required. In comparison to other card games such as Hearthstone where, if just getting into the game, an initial investment is fairly necessary to be semi-competitive. This could very well change though.

    For now, what do we give it?

       For now, I will give it a very tentative 3 sneaky Chief Thief Ozans. It has a long way to go to be truly enjoyable, but is still in closed beta. Depending on what the end result is, it could get as high as a 3.5 or as low as a 1.5 (If Jagex became too greedy and the game remains just as unengaging). I don't think it will ever be as popular as Hearthstone, but it might serve as a good diversion if you notice yourself going on tilt.

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