900-plus Retro Arcade Games Free to Play on Internet Archive

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Classic Arcade Game Logos | Jason Scott

If you’ve wanted an easy way to play all of your favorite old school arcade games right from your computer, now you can. The non-profit digital library, Internet Archive, recently launched Internet Arcade lead by Jason Scott, which offers a collection of over 900 arcade games straight from your web browser including video game favorites such as Street Fighter II and Contra, as well as classics like Centipede and Galaga.

Internet Arcade is a continuation of the Console Living Room project that Internet Archive began last year which included games for the Atari 2600/7800, the Magnavox Odyssey, ColecoVision, and the Astrocade.

The Console Living Room project began with the introduction of the Javascript Multi Emulator Super System (JSMESS) project, a port of MESS which was designed to emulate a number of different machine types including many classic home computer operating systems. JSMESS converted MESS into Javascript allowing it to be run directly from inside a web browser. When applying this to console games it eliminated the need for downloading emulators and ROMS making it more easily accessible for the average computer user.

The games are controlled with the left shift, control, alt, and arrow keys. Many also offer controller support if you would prefer that console feel.

If you want to check out Jason Scott’s blog, it can be found here.

So, have you already tried out the Internet Arcade? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments section below. Time to go play some Ghouls ‘n Ghosts! See you all on Monday.

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